Mr. Ryoji Tuchida, Rs’company.Ltd

Born in Fukui-shi Fukui. After graduated from the high school, entered “OSAKA DESIGNERS’ COLLEGE architecture department”, he left the school after 3 months, however. After had stayed in the United Stated of America for a year, he moved to Tokyo nothing less than runaway. He was scouted in show business in gad around Roppongi, and in 1991, was selected as the leading role of a movie “Angel A broken wing” and made my debut, and then he starred the several dramas, but a competitive spirit was too strong and caused the collision staff, with co-star and retired from the 7-year entertainment life virtually. In November 1997, he opened a selected store of “Ramen ichiya”. He started an excellent attack from here. By the way, he opens “Ramen ichiya”, other brands, produce things, including FC things, Roadside stores, SC, Outlet Mall and the shop in the station until now (as of May, 2013) for 16 years, and it is also focusing on souvenir sales in the golf course. He has record of monthly sales 34 million yen at the shop best sales in SC food court. It is also surprised at it is store of 33 ㎡ at 800 yen per customer. On the back there are systematization of the complete operation, complete best awareness of staff, the, motivation up by officers and incentive. At the present it becomes the company that more than 250 staffs, including part-time job, and including group companies that sales of over 1 billion yen.


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