Mr. Yajima Nozawa, FLYING GARDEN Co.,Ltd.

Born in Kasama-shi Ibaragi. The youngest of eight brothers. Name gave him and be able to happy 80 million population of japan at the time was “Yajima”. IQ was very high or when he was a child, and he was motor nerve good. On the one hand, he had a naughty character and seemed to be existence as he was called from a classmate on “san”. He entered in high-ranked school in Ibaraki, but he want to be the president quickly, ignore the word “able to enter Tokyo University”, he went out to Tokyo after graduating from high school do not go to university. From the time he saw the sports newspaper picked up by chance from the trash box, the battle of “warrior food” began. At present, FLYING-GARDEN Co.,Ltd. listed on JASDAQ. “Bakudan Hamburg” is popular.


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