Mr.Kenichiro Saito, aqua L style

From Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo. The office worker that father works for a trading company.
He began playing baseball in the fourth year of elementary school and going ahead through a junior high school, a high school and the way of the baseball elite. He entered the University on baseball recommendation, but quitted it for the reason of not wanting to become a baseball fool. The point of contact with the restaurant is from a part-time-job of university student day. The “Café restaurant aqua” is one of the part-time job at the university student. After graduated, he became employees at “aqua” as it is, he was transferred in a cafe launch of Osaka. He joined “ PROTO CORPORATION.” that car information magazine “GOO”, when he married. He recorded the top sales. And then he was handed the “aqua” from the previous owner, and launched.


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