Mr.YUsaku Fukushima, Linkwork Co.,Ltd.

Born in Tanashi Nishitokyo. The second son of two brothers.The family of them has been placed on futon store for generations that was also described in textbooks.He began judo from a young age on the recommendation of his father.
When the junior high school student, he was the skill of the regular player of the Tokyo high rank.After graduating from high school, he learned the cooking in Musashino cooking college. And he was apprenticed three years in the Japanese-style restaurant in Shinjyuku.Independent spirit was strong, he had a job in real estate for funding. And he was saving the 1600 ten million yen in three years.He joined to Link One Co., Ltd. and he served “professional store manager” and developed management know-how.
He opened the first shop in the concept of “ramen shop that also drink liquor” when the 29-years-old.In 2011, he established Linkwork Co.,Ltd..As of August 2013, and has six store that main of “mensho eizo and wakura” in Tokyo.


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