Mr. Shinichi Katase, Ultra Dining

He was born in Katsushika-ku, Tokyo. He has learned karate since primary school student, and he participated in the national tournament many times. He entered the prestigious school “Meguro Gakuin” of karate. He made his name famous in the whole country. He entered Komazawa University, he continued karate at the University, but he quitted a club in the middle of one year, and dropped out of University. thereafter, he became professional of the meat by it was an opportunity which worked in Yakiniku store, in 2006, at 34 years old, he opened himself Yakiniku restaurant. His management philosophy is “having more customers eats the highest grade black color Japanese beef which lavished great care, and was brought up, at the best condition and the heart is an offer to be excited and heartwarming service”. He made up the professional group which always thought about “What is the business?” “What is the service?”.


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