Mr. Masayoshi Sadamatsu, MASUYA INTERNATIONAL

He was born in Awai, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime. He succeeded his father’s company after graduated from the high school. He decided that he challenged his possibility, and visited Australia using a working holiday system at 22 years old in those days. After that he had right of permanent residence. He returned temporarily, but, while visiting Australia again, and working as a chef of the Hyatt hotel, and learned the Continental food of all the countries of the world. In 1987, he opened the curry restaurant in Glebe, Sydney, but keenly realized difficulty of the local restaurant business. But he got the chance; he opened “Masuya Restaurant” in Sydney in 1993. He carried out about 7000 meals of lunch box catering by the Sydney Olympics in 2000. His sphere of activity was introduced to many works when he performed liquor and a food fair of Nihon Food by a request of association of Japanese restaurant in 2011. And he opened a new store “Makoto BENTO” in December 5, 2014. Now he aims the top of the Japanese Restaurant of Australia.


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