Mr. Hidehiro Yoshioka, Nasubitei

He was born in Kiyose-shi, Tokyo. After graduated from cooking school, he joined “Tsuruya Hotel” in Higashi Izu, Shizuoka. There were various encounters; he has spent his precious time with each learning place. Kaiseki ryori”Sansyoudo” of Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japanese food “Ezogoten” of Shinjuku, Tokyo, Fugu food “Yamadaya” of Ginza, and so on, he changed famous stores and left footprint. In 2000, he opened “Nasubi tei” in Ebisu, Tokyo at 29 years old. In 2012, it moved from an old store and increased in the number of seats. He appears in a lot of media. He publishes such as books which is “Satto tsukureru Gokuuma wasyoku” , “Yoshioka Hidehiro no dashiwotukawanai oishii wasyoku” . He is the representative “Washoku” chef of Japan. The spirit that “to want it to enjoy Japanese food thought beyond the reach more willingly” is good.


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