Mr. Shun Matsuzawa, metius-foods co.,ltd.

He was born in Suginami-ku, Tokyo. After graduated from the junior high school, he joined “HOTEL RYUMEIKAN TOKYO”. He was assigned to the Western food part and improves a cooking skill. At 21 years old, he quitted “RYUMEIKAN”; he stayed Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for 1 year. He met Italian food then. After return home, he was interested in company “metius-foods co ltd.” that ran the store specializing in pizzas while he changed the Italian restaurant, and joined it. He met establishment of a business president, the late Mr. Hideshi Okamoto who the company “L’attrait” founder listed on the Stock Exchange in JASDAQ, his life changed suddenly. In September, 2001, he took office as the company, the president.


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