Mr. Shingo Muta, GREAT SMILE INC.

He is from Sakai-shi, Osaka. Mr. Shingo Muta with gentle at heart wanted to become a kindergarten teacher. After graduated from the University, he got a job at the home for the aged. But, because of on bad terms with the chief director, he quitted in a half year. He changed to sales, and made a good showing in his work. He took an interest in the ramen which he ate willingly for the sales era; he made a plunge into the world on the ramen only for curiosity. There was a chance, and he repeated study in the ramen “nagi”, and became independent. In Kokubunji-shi, in front of the station. With the small store of 23.14 ㎡ as a start, the life as the foodfighter of Mr. Muta started. The concept of the store is “a toy box.”


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