Mr. Takeshi Osawa, TakeYou inc.

He is from Aoyama, Shibuya-ku. He graduated from Teikyo Heisei University. He joined the electrical equipment manufacturer which is famous for a computer and the clock. After overseas sales, he played an active part as the player who was important in the company. On the other hand, he began the management of the ramen store; he continued do two things at a time in the company after consent. In November 2012, he established TakeYou Inc.. He released Noukou Torisoba “Menya Takeichi”, and he caught the heart of the ramen fan. At the present, he opens 25 directly-managed stores, 18 FC stores. The management of the ramen shop at the starting point of the business, planning the advance to the foreign countries now, so he is a business person of the restaurant business.


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