Mr. Masahiro Kasahara, SANPI – RYORON

He is from Tokyo. After graduated from high school, he started training at “Syougatuya kiccho”. After 9 years, because father died, he succeeded Yakitori store “torimasa” which opened his family home. The customers came only the beginning, but there has been in a slump of business increasingly. But he kept running in the thought which “he wanted to prosper the store of father once again”, and after half a year from becoming the predicament, he was superb playback, and became full of people every day. Thereafter, because he wanted to try in restaurant battleground, he opened “Sanpiryouron” at Ebisu, Tokyo. This is full from the opening first day up to the present. This record still continues without breaking off. Incidentally, change comes for 10000 yen even if we drink and eat in “Sanpiryoron”. But it is genuine Japanese food to provide. The making of atmosphere that even 20s and 30s generations in it is can belong under willingly is a popular secret.


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