He was born in Ogawara-cho, Miyagi. After graduated from a high school, he joined the department store at Sendai, but he quitted there in half a year. He depended on his uncle, and went to Tokyo. He joined “Tochi no Umi” which was introduced by the boss who was a friend of same province. This was an encounter with “Edomae Nigirisushi”. Since then, there were the fish and the rice in front of him, and there was the smile of each customer who enjoyed sushi. At the 31 years old, Mr., Suzuki opened “Okeisushi”. His skill was trusted by well-known painter, Mr. Keiichi Takazawa, and he started this store as a partner of Mr. Takazawa. Incidentally, “Kei” of the store’s name is a letter of the Kei of Keiichi.


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