Mr. Kimio NONAGA, nihonbashi-Yukari

He was born as the third generation owner of the well-known store “Nihonbashi Yukari” which continued from establishment in 1935. He has not been said that “you have to succeed the store”, but he worked on cooking by his own choice since he was young. After graduated from high school, he entered “Hattori Nutrition College”. He was second to none in practical skill. He talks over that one of the turning points with having joined famous store of Kyoto, “Kikunoi”. He learned another mission of the chef with excellent dish under that owner Mr. Yoshihiro MURATA. It was dispatch to the world. He improve his reputation by overall win of “Iron chef Japancup’02” in 2002, and was chosen as 5 Japanese young chefs on New York Times, and he became a representative chef of Japan. Currently, the dinner party in the official residence of Prime Minister, cuisine advice for the local government and the company, and he is in activity to spread the charms of Japanese food for the world. Including book “Japanese food by frying pan”, a lot of recipes also open to the public. He attracts attention for the wide activity beyond the frame of third generation owner of the famous store.


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