Mr. Shinichiro Minami, DAISHOGUN CO.,LTD.

Born in Takarazuka-shi, Hyogo. After graduated from the University, he joined SATO RESTURANT SYSTEMS. CO., LTD.. He changed his job once to the company which was building, real estate-related, but he did policy change to restaurant business at 39 years old again, he has met “Don Co.,Ltd.”. After he showed capability as Mr. Momiyama’s right‐hand man one arm who was the establishment of a business president, he took office as the president in the company which became the subsidiary of Yoshinoya. He reconditioned the company which was a decline in business, and quitted. Through an advisor, he took office as the president in DAISHOGUN CO., LTD.. He incorporated experience of the “Don” reproduction; he strives for the restoration of “DAISHOGUN”.


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