Mr. Kouji Ishii, ISHII GROUP

In 1979, he went to the United States alone. He was taught the life by Mr. and Mrs. Restaurant owner whom he met in Carmel of the West Coast, he succeeded father and ran the Motsuyakiya from 26 years old after came back. Afterwards, he established Beeyonshii Co.,Ltd.. he develops 73 stores mainly Motsuyaki, Hormoneyaki “9 stores of directly-managed stores, 64 stores of shop set up by one’s master・FC・semi-FC, as of August, 08”. He is the representative director and president of Beeyonshii Co.,Ltd., the chairman of the board of M-factory Ltd.. He wanted to be a swimming race player, from a school days, he was going to supervise the National Defense Academy of Japan swimming club now.


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