Mr. Minoru Ido, M’GRANT FOOD SERVICE Co.,Ltd. 

After graduated from the high school, he joined “TsukijiSushiyoshi” to be sushi chef. After working for about 3 years, he has experienced working in many companies that REINS international Inc. developed “Gyukaku” and others to learn know-how of the store development for independence, in 2006; he took office as a representative director of “Maido Co.,Ltd.”. At the same time he established “M’GRANT FOOD SERVICE Co., Ltd.” in own. He bought the right of management of 8 restaurant stores from “Maido Co., Ltd.”, he started the management of restaurant specialized in selling a shop with stocks and all of the road outside type in suburb. At the present, he runs the restaurants of 35 stores and 7 business conditions.


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