Mr. Kenichi Kozuka, HASEGAWA

He has an older brother. In Nishinomiya-shi where the fields were still left, the parents ran vegetables farmhouse in those days. He helped with it in his childhood; he fell into kendo from the elementary school lower classes. He changed to rugby from the high school. He continued it till the University. He joined the company of a certain construction air conditioner after graduation. The results were good as business, but independent-minded was strong, he joined the certain major eating and drinking company A which performed production, sale or the restaurant management of the Japanese sweets. Through a manager, he showed power in the sale plan section. At the 33 years old, he became independent, he opened the Japanese restaurant. He met Mr. Shinsuke Shimada of the talent in the store; he became to open a store “Hasegawa” in a partnership.


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