Mr. Hideki Taira, Nanashi Food Service Co.,Ltd.

He has spent the childhood period on behalf of the work of father parents in Yubari; he came back to Sapporo at the time of junior high school entrance to school. He began artistic gymnastics in a high school; he participated in the tournament of city. He made a special study of physics at the University, but interest to business was strengthened, dropped out in 2 years. He served as a manager in a hamburger shop and he trained in the ramen shop and made the basics of restaurant business. Afterwards, a partnership was approached with by a friend and he managed and ran the Chinese restaurant for 9 years. But each opinion was different and decided to walk separate ways. He met current managing director Mr. Kawaguchi and they clicked together then. They started and worked together ramen store “Nanashi tonkotsuhen”


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