Mr. Masatoshi Nakamura, DREAMERSGROUP Co.,Ltd.

He is the eldest son of 2 brothers and he has a younger sister who is 4 years younger than him. His father ran a meat shop, and mother was busy for help. At 18 years old, he aimed at the management of the lodging and entered the TSUJI Culinary Institutein Osaka. After graduation, he returned Tokyo; he worked in the famous Italian restaurant. When he felt a question in the training of the chef, he met one book. he is the capable manager who it was trained by founder (the existing honorary chairman) of the Doutor coffee, Hiromichi Toba and coached by “Tsubohachi” founder and president-director Seiji Ishii of Happyaku Hachi cho Co., Ltd. and extended the business and grew up. At the present, he opens 22 stores “Kushiyayokocho”, 3 stores “Karashishiya”. He has “Mobara factory”, “side dish factory”, “test kitchen” in Mobara-shi that is a country of birth. The ability for supply of the factory is possible at the present stage for 50 stores.


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