Mr. Hideo Kusano, Shusui corporation

After graduated from the high school, he became a staff of Tokyo and afterwards, got a truck, a taxi, driving duties of the tractor-trailer. Having an accident while driving became the reason why he quitted a company at 28 years old, and became independent. To the world of eating and drinking. In 1972, he opened open a store for the first time in a ramen store in Chiba-shy, he started “Tonta” FC business in 1982. He advocated FC of the new style of the name free from 2005, as of 2010, it builds FC development more than 600 stores. He stands in the position in “the food maker” and performs a business use foodstuff development, and he begins also the management of the expressway service area, the station of way and is growing up. He has his writing book including “the success strategy of the times of unsellable”.


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