Mr. Daigo Kobayashi, Bayside Dining

His father was reticently and hardworking, and did not, on principle, interfere with children. His Mother of the full-time homemaker who it was lively brightly, but was sometimes nagging. He was born among such parents, he has spent in Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa until the high school student. The older sister in 2 years old was the science field and resembled quiet father, Mr. Kobayashi was the social sciences and resembled mother of the type appearing before people. He made an effort on soccer in the elementary school, on basketball in the junior high school and the high school. At the same time, he has continued a classic piano from a second year of elementary school student to third year of high school; it is guessed this is considerable skill, too. After continuing his education into university, he was ardently engrossed in “to enjoy” and “a part-time job”, then, he has experienced the restaurant business such as the Izakaya, the Yakiniku store for the first time. He learned the service for the customers of basics and the consideration of service industry in the boys of the snack which he has continued for 2 years, in the jazz bar of Shibuya, he dreamed of “to want to do such a shop in the future”. But In the summer of four years, he was implored by mother and started job hunting; he joined “Link One Co,Ltd.” which he took an entrance examination for only one company. He met the boss there whom he could trust and respect, and participated in the independent company. Furthermore, he smoothly changed his job to “M’GRANT FOOD SERVICE Co., Ltd.” which was the business partner. He dealt with the FC development of the business condition such as “France tei”, “Ken”. On October, 2010, he established “Bay side dining Co., Ltd.” with belonging to “M’GRANT FOOD SERVICE Co., Ltd”, he took office as a representative. He became franchisee himself and, on December 3, opened “Ken Tsujido store” in Fujisawa with attached, he started as the manager. He got married at 26 years old, and has one child now.


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