Mr. Kei Nakamura, ITAMAE-SUSHI

He is from Yamanashi-shi,Yamanahi. The second son of Nakamuras which ran the processing company of seafood. The youngest son of 3 brothers. He was brought up while having an inferiority complex to an older sister and an older brother, but he was saved by the teacher whom he met at the junior high school, he opened up the life. He was touched a stalwart heart of his mother from when he was young, he was brought up the strong heart stack up against in everything, after graduated from Senshu University, and he joined the production company of TV. He dealt with much video journalism, and there were a series of the scoops, too. After he has worked there for 6 years, he returned to Yamanashi, he succeeded the family’s business. He carried out a fatal encounter with Rickey Chan who developed “Ajisen ramen” in Hong Kong when he went for buying abroad; he made a tag and launched development of “Itamaesushi”. He held the tuna cutting performance of birth in Omar, Aomori at the store, he sold it at a dirt cheap price and he is one of the young managers who he performs “Japanese bidding high successful bid consecutively first for four years” and attracted attention from the various worlds. At the present, he develops 25 stores in Hong Kong, 3 stores in Singapore, 3 stores in China, 2 stores in Macao and 5 stores in Japan.


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