Ms. Takako Yokoyama, Emotional Eggs Corporation

Born in Yaezu-shi, Shizuoka. The eldest daughter of 4 families. Her father was a bank worker, her mother was a housewife, but her mother also went to work because of her father failed in business. After graduated from the College of Arts, she joined the Jewel-related company, but she has repeated 9 times of changes of job in total in 20 generations with having changed its job in the rival company as a start once. She wanted to launch a company at the 30 years old, she saved a fund of 5 million yen in 3 years, and she opened a restaurant like hideout “201goushitu” in the 33 years old. This store had a lot of repeaters and became the base such as “Zoku 201 goushitsu”, “Murakamiseisakusyo” and “Nakamura gen”. The store’s name is unique, but the policy of not give any signboard which was also creative. it was not alike the change of job number of times as however the store’s name was often replaced, too, as of May, 2011, she manages 4 stores of “Club Kohitsuji”, “Gessekai”, “Mametankin” and “Nakamura gen”. She runs the fermentation class in “Mametankin” with the theme of beauty and health.


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