Mr. Sumihiko Hioki, Curry Club Ruu.,

Born in Fukuoka. The oldest son of 4 families. In University student days, he was obsessed with a play and a band. After graduated from the University, He was aiming to be an actor and went to Tokyo. He chased his dreams to become an actor while he managed to get living expenses by a part-time job more than 30. But he gave up at 28 years old. He was found work in “lunch shop” which the parents’ house ran by at the time of return in Miyazaki; he stepped forward to the first step as the food business man. At the same time to make efforts in store management, from the perfectionist, started Ameba blog from the primary perfectionist, he often used the social media without being able to leave Twitter and Facebook when he knew the power and was absorbed in media utilization; he was being absorbed in media utilization. He named himself “curry prince”; he sent a character for across the country. He made many fans. At the same time, he advanced a mail order not to mention a new branch of “Curry Club Ruu” and extended achievements. He is excellent actor of the business world to use net information and real information properly in turn, and to direct. At the present, he always runs alone at the top-class by ranking such as Facebook or Twitter.


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