Mr. Osamu Nemoto, FUNACHU Co.,Ltd.

Born in Nakano-ku, Tokyo. He was born as the eldest son of well-known store “Funachu” following from the charges of the grandfather. He began soccer from an elementary school days, continued it at the junior high school and high school days and he participated in that club in the University. On the other hand, he got absorbed in Jet Ski in college student days. The student life stretched over a period of 7 years because he got absorbed too much. After graduated from the University, he joined Asahi breweries, Ltd.. After he learned for 4 years, he joined “Funachu”. He made efforts in reform in the company as the president for the third generation. At the 33 years old, the second generation died and took office as the president for the “Funachu” third generation.


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