Mr. Atsushi Morishita, ASAKUMA CO., LTD

Born in Shizuoka. He graduated from Shizuoka University faculty of education, he joined the major register company, and he became the top sales. In 1983, he established Kyodo Seiko “existing Kyodo”. After then, in 1997, he established “Tenpos-busters” of used kitchen apparatus sale. He did stock listing in Jasdaq in December, 2002 in December, 2002 five years after the establishment. In 2006, Capital and business was tied up with the steak restaurant chain “Asakuma” which developed around Nagoya-shi. In 2008, he took office as the president and representative director; he embarked on the reconstruction of “Asakuma” in earnest. At the present, the group company of Tenpos-busters is 16 companies including “Asakuma” co.,ltd. There are a lot of listed reserve armies following the Tenpos-busters too.


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