Mr. Hiroyasu Kato, Bloom dining Service CO., LTD

Born in Nishi-ku, Nagoya. He began soccer and baseball from elementary school days, was obsessed with volleyball in a junior high school and a high school days. He went to the vocational school of the 3 years system and went out into the society at 21 years old. He joined the major company, but he quitted for eighteen months. He was devoted to surfing than work; he has spent surfing-centered life. He had fun in an exhaustive manner until 25 years old and became serious for independence from 25 years old. According to future design, he was lost in surfing for his early twenties, spent the days working from 25 years old and achieved long-cherished independence at 29 years old. As of October, 2011, he develops “shitamashi jyounetsu sakaba otaihormon” and 13 stores others around Nagoya-shi


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