Mr. Keiji Nuku, Roots Inc.

He is from Tokyo. The youngest child of three brothers. He was addicted to the part time job of food and drink; he dropped out a high school. At the 19 years old, he joined TEN ALLIED Co., Ltd. which ran the Shunsensakaba “Tengu”. he was found by the manager like a teacher, he became a manager at 22 years old. It was a then youngest manager. He worked for 4 years, and through delivery to home business, an Italian restaurant, he joined KANMONKAI CO., LTD. that ran a restaurant that specializes in Torahugu dishes “Genpin Fugu”. He advanced to a company director, but he quitted in 2007. In the same year, I established ROOTS Co., Ltd. and he opened “Taiyaki Kandadaruma” that told to have made a “Taiyaki” boom later. As of 2012, the store count is 5, the sales is good at every stores.


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