Mr. lii, FTG Company Co,Ltd.

Born in Osaka. In the Korean third residing in Japan, mother runs a diner. Four brothers of an older brother and an older sister and twin younger brothers born 15 minutes later. The twins got well along, and they walk the same life so that it is said, “it is all same as other than the name”. All two of them are good at soccer, he seemed to be said to be “the right foot of 100 million yen” at the age of a primary school student. They entered the University in Tokyo, together. They came back to Osaka with two people once, but older brother Mr. Li went to Tokyo again. I knew Nobuhiko Kim that president-director of Toraji Corporation, with a magazine; he joined Charcoal fire roasted meat “Toraji”. He expressed a brilliant figure in a moment and took office as the president of subsidiary at 27 years old. He became independent at 30 years old. In 2010, he established Futago Inc… Osaka roasted meat, the hormone “Futago” who adopted a taste of the Showa became the store that is hard to make the reservation, and it is taken up in the much media.


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