Miss. Kaori Furukawa, FIX Co.,Ltd.,

When a high school student, she formed a comedy duo and challenged an audition of Horipro. She passed it wonderfully and made her debut in the show business. She dissolved it in two years; the next was to try to Confectioner. But, she was fascinated by the scene of the bar which she watched in Nishishinjuku and changed direction. At the age of 29 years old, she opened a store for the first time at “Izakaya”. As of June, 2013, she opened some stores that “Umon” of yayiton, chiritorinabe, slice raw liver, “Hitsujimon” of Genghis Khan, raw lamb, “Gyumon” of Japanese hormone, slice raw liver. With her blog, she introduces herself,” “Proprietress”, “the patissier” and “a representative director” of food fool group, Fixe Ltd.,”.


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