Mr. Ryuji Okuhashi, MARURYU Food Service CO., LTD

When he went to a preparatory school and aimed to enter the University in high school days, his father became independent and opened a Yakitori store. He was interested in restaurant business by what he was concerned with from the setup of the store. He thought about living by snowboarding at one time, but he was known the reality in New Zealand, he narrowed it down to only restaurant business, and started study. The middle of it, he went around Japan with the a motorcycle which loaded a tent, tried out the various local food at Japan, and a business chance was found by Kushikatsu which he met in Osaka. In 2009, he opened the 1st store “Kansai Kushikatsu Maruryu”. As of 2015, he opens 9 stores. He has already started the employment of new graduates. He is manager who has hot thought on a human resource.


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