Mr. Tomoyuki Takahashi, BOU・CILA

He is from Fuchu-shi, Tokyo. After graduation from the high school, he joined the major print company once, but, 4 years later, he aspired to change of a job to Japan Coast Guard, and acquired the license of “rescue divers”. He went over to Miyakojima, Okinawa to achieve the prescribed number of diving. Having met the business of eating and drinking was an event in the island that is far from Tokyo. To aim at independence before 30 years old, he left the island, went to Osaka, and went to Tokyo. In 2007, he opened the first store in Koenji. The strong confidence that “we cannot fail”. After open the store, he proved that it was not bravado immediately. the legend of “boucila” started that drove in the high monthly sale in the store of about 33 ㎡.


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