Mr. Syuzo Kishida, restaurant Quintessence

He was born in Mchida-shi, Tokyo. When he reached the age of discretion, moved in Toyoake-shi, Aichi, and there was hometown. He enjoyed imitating his mother since the days of a child; he already decided that he became a French chef at the time of the graduation from junior high school. After graduated from the high school, he joined Shima Tourist hotel “La Mer”. This was 1993. He quitted that company in 1996; he changed his job to the restaurant “KM” in Shibuya, Tokyo. He aspired to start a company at 30 years old, and visited France after resignation at the age of 26. He changed various restaurants, in 2003; he met a chef Mr. Pascal Barbot at L’Astrance in 16 wards of Paris. This was the encounter with the teacher of his life. In May, 2006, he opened “restaurant Quintessence” in Japan. In 2008, he has received three stars in the Michelin Guide. Thereafter he continues to keep up 3 star for six years.


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