Mr. Tetsuzi Yasukawa, RYUNOKO


He was born in Koga-shi, Fukuoka. After he graduated from “Nakamura Culinary School” in Fukuoka, he went to Tokyo. He studied under the late Mr. Chen Kenmin who was the pioneer of the Sichuan in Japan, and Mr. Kunikatsu Okano who was called as the genius of the Chinese food world. After he acted as the chef in the famous Chinese restaurant including “Hong Kong hanten”, “Daimon hanten”, and “Aji no ichiban”, he opened “Kawana ryunoko” at Harajuku in 1977. He is invited as a lecturer by such as Hattori Nutrition College, Tsuji Culinary Institute, he makes a yearly contract with such as Denny’s, Daiei, and Ito Yokado, and produce collaboration products.


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