Mr. Keisuke Shima, Towncryer Co.,Ltd.

He was born in Sunagawa-shi, Hokkaido. After graduated from Meiji University, after Tokyo Recruit Plan that was the affiliated company of Recruit, he changed his job to Information Services International-Dentsu,Ltd.. He showed ability in Personal Department more than 10 years. In 2001, he launched a setup company of the real British pub and was engaged in the adviser of the restaurant, the company event, the consulting of the local product development and so on. He acts as guide role of the French in “All About” and, such as he published “Konkatsu Baka Correction Lecture” from Shogakukan in March, 2010, he had various faces. From 2012, he has acted a tourism ambassador for Shimane, and from 2013, has done a PR ambassador of Unnan-shi, Shimane. He is also an owner of “Bistro Lyon”, “Bistro Marseille” and “TOWN CRYER Hibiya”.


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