Mr. Yasumasa Takagi, LE PATISSIER TAKAGI

He was from Tateishi, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo. The eldest son of 3 brothers. After graduating from high school, he entered TSUJI Institute of Patisserie, he entered “tsuji group France school” 1 year later. After return to Japan, through “Malmaison”, “Hotel Seiyo Ginza”, he visited Europe again. While he acquired learning in the famous store, in 1992, he won the championship at most authoritative in Europe “gastronomic arpa John” (Japanese the youngest record), the third place won a prize in Charles Proust in 93 and he showed ability. A popular program of Fuji TV appeared to “iron chef” in 1997 and there is much appearing on TV. He is one of the top runners in the Japanese confectionery.


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