Mr. Hironobu Tsujiguchi, Super Sweets Inc.,

Born in Nanao-shi, Ishikawa. The parent’s house is a Japanese sweet shop following from the generation of the grandfather. He is that eldest son. He went to Tokyo at 18 years old. He learned it in French confectionary of Tokyo, such as “Patisserie Bertin” of France. He won the championship at “Coupe du Monde” called World Cup of the patisserie and, by many contests, was rated high. In 1998, he opened “Mont St Clair” in Jiyugaoka. He participated in “Iron chefs” which was a popular program of Fuji TV in next year, 1999. At the present, including “mon sun Clair,” he develops 12 different brands of the concept in sequence. The production, the management of each store, and he serves the principal of “super sweets academy” of Ishikawa, too. He performs collaboration and the produce with each company, and his name is known for a lecture and appearance on TV, the book publication widely.


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