Ms. Mariko Noguchi, MUGI Corpration

Born in Nikko-shi, Tochigi. After graduated from the high school, she left Nikko and entered Ferris Women’s Junior College. After graduated from the junior college, she stepped forward to the one step of the member of society as “TOYOTA PRETTY”. She has done that occupation for 3 years, from 23 years old she went to South America Peru for one year. After came back, she entered “Takahashi Keizo Production”, she has appeared on also TV. After acting as such as the opening narration of “Oretachi hyokinzoku”, she achieved a fateful encounter of “Iori Noguchi”. Mr. Iori died at 58 years old. She inherited the will of the husband, and took over the store the people which a husband loved, the eating and drinking life” of Ms. Noguchi started. It was a start of the work to weave a story of Kichijoji.


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