Mr. Shintaro Yoshihara, ISSHIN Inc.


He started to play baseball from an elementary school student, went to Yokohama Commercial High School of a distinguished school. He got a regular from a first grader. He was the outstanding player which the professional scout paid attention to, but when he was a third grader, he gave up baseball because of an injury. He entered a trip-related vocational school without entering in a university, non professional. He joined a rubber-ball baseball club in the technical school and raised a weaker team into third place in the whole country in 2 years. After he worked at Toshiba, he went to New Zealand. He served as a manager of “OK gift shopping” that Mr. Kyosen Ohashi ran, he increased achievements rapidly. He returned in 5 years later, he started the study of the soba craftsman for to succeed his father‐in‐law who ran the soba store. At the present, he develops “Eichigo Cuisne Hegi Soba Isshin” in Iidabashi and Akasaka. He aims at opening the branch overseas within 5 years.


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