Mr. Kimihiko Araya, godak Marketing Corp.

He is from Tokyo. From childhood, he saw into things in an original viewpoint and was the boy who considered deeply. He has begun to be interested in business early from elementary school days. He graduated from <"Tokyo University of Fisheries" the president Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology>, and joined the food trading company. He searched for foodstuffs and wandered overseas each place including Alaska. Afterwards, he established a trading company. It was a beginning of Godak. On the other hand, he began eating and drinking business to make use of the foodstuffs which he stocked of. Including “GINZA KAZAN” of the 100% seafood, at the present he develops 4 business condition 4 stores. All are particular about the foodstuffs, is particular about the price, it is the store which came out of the customer’s perspective that devoted itself to a design. “GINZA KAZAN” is chosen as a restaurant Grand Prix shop of Nikkei adult.


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