Mr. Youhei Nakanori, Tamasushi Corporation

The youngest son of 4 brothers. He was brought up among brothers in lively environment from childhood. He was shocked by movie “Shorinji” which he watched at the age of 10 and has begun to walk the way of the martial arts. He graduated from Gakushuin University law department. He went to the United States later and studied in the University of Denver in Colorado. He completed the restaurant-related management program called HRTM. He joined Tamasushi Corporation in November, 1999 after the return home. In May, 2000 of a half year later, he took part in opening as a person in charge of “Tarouki tsukiji store” which was a sushi shop of a new style. It was the moment when a new leader was born to well-established sushi shop, “Tsukiji Tamazushi”.


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