Mr. Katsuhiko Yamauchi, TOP AND FRAVFER Co.,Ltd.

He has begun to play baseball from the elementary school student, when he was a junior high student, he left the results such as winning the victory at Chofu tournament, and he entered Waseda Jitsugyo. He spent high school days while contacting players who became professional later. He changed completely after graduation from high school and took an entrance examination for the aviation college of Miyazaki to become a pilot, but failed twice. There was abandonment in the dream of the pilot. He worked from 26 years old to 30 years old in Ricoh Company which was famous for a copy and FAX; he showed the shrewdness as a top salesman. There was intense detainment, but quitted at 30 years old, he has begun to walk the way without the rail this time. 20 several years have passed since then. As of November, 2011, he opens 15 stores “Seiya” of iekei ramen. He makes efforts in FC development and turns out 2 FC store owner from an employee.


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