Mr. Katsunori Yashima, Niku no Yashima Co.,Ltd

The parents’ house is a meat store continued from the generation of the grandfather. There are 5 people in his family including an older sister and a younger brother. It was the boy who showed an aspect of active to stand as a candidate head of the student council since an elementary school student. In addition, he watched a figure of father from those days and has begun to be naturally interested in the business. He went to the tofu shop which a relative ran at 18 years old for apprenticeship; he learned the elements of the business. One year later, he came back to Fukuoka, entered the University, but he dropped out, and would help with family business. It developed into current “Yakitorino Hachibei”. As of November, 2010, he opens 4 stores including “Motsunabe Hachibei” in Fukuoka, “Yakitorino Hachibei Azaburyudocho store” in Roppongi, Tokyo too.


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