Mr. Takeshi Okamoto, Izutsu Maisen.Co.,Ltd.

His father is Isami Okamoto who is an ex-director at Kintetsu Buffaloes, and is an ex-professional baseball player, and is also the famous as a professional baseball commentator. The grandfather of the mother’s side was the financier who served as the president of the Fuji fire. Mr. Okamoto blessed with a parentage has spent at an attached school of university of education from the elementary school to the high school. After graduated from the high school, he entered Keio University. In University student days, he went to the disco and was also attracted to night business. After graduation, he joined Suntory. He was assigned to the business condition development team which performed such as JIGGERBAR, PRONTO, and new business condition development later, he displayed his shrewdness. He was on loan to Super Potato, with a famous designer Takashi Sugimoto, he implemented various projects. Discharging his loan, he came back to Suntory again; he brought up restaurant department which just started up. Afterward, he went on loan to “Maisen” which was an old-established restaurant this time. He works on a problem leaving an old-established company for in the next generation as the president now.


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