Mr. Kenta Toyoshima, Passion & Create Co.,Ltd.

He showed the talent of the ski for the junior high school era. He was victorious at the tournament, and got a sponsor. He went for an overseas expedition many times, but he left from a ski with the end in a season of the second year of a high school. After graduated from the University, he joined “WATAMI Foodservice Co.,Ltd.”. Afterwards, he participated in the establishment of the company of the older brother, he established Passion & Create Co., Ltd. with the senior of the WATAMI era. At the present, he develops the unique Yakitori store “Yakitori no Tetsujin” of the time system with the catchphrase “Come grasping only 1, 500 yen”. For listing stocks in 2015, he was aiming at the branch of 100 stores.


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