Mr. Haruhiko Okamoto, create restaurants holdings inc.

Born in the center of Himeji-shi, Hyogo. He went to the cram school from a 2nd year elementary school student; he entered “Junshin Gakuin” which was a high-ranked school of the prefecture top in those days. He has spent a junior high school, a high school and entered the University of Tokyo. After graduated from the University, he joined Mitsubishi Corporation. Several years later, he was dispatched for logistic system improvement of KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN JAPAN LTD.; he achieved a fateful encounter with the restaurant business. Then he constructed business model of “Soup Stock Tokyo” with Masamichi Toyama of the existing president of Smiles Co.,Ltd.. After he returned to Mitsubishi Corporation, he opened the theme cafe “Rainforest cafe” in partnership with Oriental Land Co., Ltd.. He carried a primary axis to the restaurant business little by little. In 1999, he founded “create restaurants” during his career in Mitsubishi Corporation. He set on loan as a managing director. In 2003, he quitted Mitsubishi Corporation, and he took office as the president. In 2005, “create restaurants” listed stocks. In 2010, it changed the name to “create restaurants holdings”.


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