Mr. Masaaki Suzuki, tsurukamehanten

He is from Adachi-ku, Tokyo. The parent’s house ran a ramen store. The first floor was the store, the second floor was home. It was the small shop which was ran by only father and mother, but two children had the best attachment for the store. He has watched the work of food since he was young. He began the part-time job at the restaurant from the summer of the first year of high school, after graduation, he entered to the world of food without hesitating. He learned real Chinese food in “Ginza aster”; he knew the new Chinese genre with “Kamonka” which “Ramla” ran. Thereafter, he changed the job in “Mujaki Foods Co., LTD.”. He knew the profoundness of the ramen and learned management, he became independent in 2007. He established “Makafuhere Dining Co.,Ltd.” in January, 2009. At the present, he opens 4 stores “Chukamen Dinning Tsurukamehanten”, “Hokkaitonkotsumenya Ginrin”, “Sichuan tantanmen sou Saitamaya” and “Ramen Shionokaze”.


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