Mr. Sadakazu Togawa, KONAYA


He longed for the music, went to Tokyo at 18 years old. There was a relationship and jumps into the music industry. The start was a band boy (the famous band). He was hoping to be a drummer, but he noticed having no talent for it, he quitted for about a year, he experienced a manager through the assistant of the manager for about 4 years. After that, he returned to Kiryu, he dealt with the self-performance of the music in cities neighboring around Kiryu. He was called out to Shochi Tanabe who was the president and also the leaders of the spiders which were great popularity at the time of in the igniting of the group sounds boom just at that time; he became a sales manager of the spiders. After breakup of the spiders, he became independent and established Eagle promotion Co., Ltd.. He was in charge of a business schedule of Masaaki Sakai and Jun Inoue . He retired from the show business at 40 years old. He founded “Konaya” at 42 years old.


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