Mr.Shoichi Takada, Gyushige Dream System Co.,Ltd

Born in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. He is a Shinjuku-born city kid. He is the eldest son in the middle of three brothers put to an older sister, the younger sister. The parents’ house ran the greengrocer’s store, it ran a coffee shop and the bar later. He was a student taciturn quietly in the days of an elementary schoolchild, but he bloomed in his life by becoming the junior high school, and having met volley ball. The ward tournament best 8, even the prefecture tournament became best 8 and he had good results. While he was at Rikkyo University, he traveled to the United States. He has stayed for 4-5 months while working as a dishwashing at the restaurant of the hotel. He was changed theory of life by it. After graduation, he once joined a pizza house, but he quitted in one year. He joined his father’s company and worked for 14 years. He got support from father too and he founded “Gyushige” at the 37 years old. Thereafter it is 22 years as of 2011. He develops 105 stores in the whole country including FC stores.


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