Mr. Yoshinobu Hamakura, Hamakura-Style Store Factory Co., Ltd.

He was born in Yokosuka and was brought up in Kyoto. When he was young, it was rich, but at the age of a second year student in junior high school, a company of father went bankrupt. After graduated from the high school, he was enticed by a certain president who he met for the part-time job era, and it became an employee. He took charge of the renewal of the old restaurant which was in Kyoto Station at 18 years old. He already showed a part of the ability of produce. After then, through “Hokka Hokka tei” of the takeout box lunch and also “Food Scope” running the novel restaurant chain, he became independent. he directed a unique project such as fish shop reproduction business condition “Fukagawa Yamaken” which became the pioneer of the steaming a whole fish Izayaka, “Marutomi Suisan” which has appeared from the consultation of intermediate wholesaler, he has opened a lot of original prosperity stores.


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